June 9, 2023

Proletariat Pre-Order Longboard SALE!

So you want to start longboarding? Longboards are a great board for beginners or commuters or downhill speed freaks. If you like snowboarding you will probably like longboarding as well. There are a few things to learn about longboards and I’m here to help explain them to you.

Width: Size is measured in length and width. Usually people with bigger feet (size 11 and up) want a wider board (8″ and up) so their heels and toes aren’t hanging off the edge. This will also help with balance and stability. It never hurts to go wide with a longboard even if you don’t have clown feet.
Length: The best length depends on how you will ride your new longboard. Downhill riders usually like a longer board because it helps to dampen out the bigger bumps and stays more stable at high speeds. However, a longer longboard at low speeds is usually harder to quick-control. So, if you are staying in the city or on campus you probably want a longboard less than 44” long and if you plan to bomb hills in Vermont or something, go 46” and up!
Wheels: The bigger the wheels the faster you will go. This has to do with physics and I don’t know much about that, but I also know the bigger the wheels the harder it is to get stopped by a pesky pebble. Downside is, big wheels add a lot of weight and girth to your board and if you are carrying this to class or on the train it might be a pain. Big wheels are considered 70mm and up.
Cutouts: Cutouts are sections above each wheel which allows the board to really carve, because the wheel can now go beyond the area usually restricted by the deck. Usually decks with cutouts have softer bushings in their trucks as well, which allow for more flex. If you are new to the sport you might not want too soft of trucks or cutouts because you will still be learning how to balance.

Now that you know the basics of longboards we are having a Spring Pre-Order SALE at Proletariat. Normally a good longboard will set you back around $175 and up, but since the season is just about to begin we are going to give you the option to buy early and save some dough. And it helps us not have to keep 20 longboards in stock, yet you will still get the one you want. We have picked out the best board from the best brands in the business: Dregs, Sector9, and Gravity. When you pre-order/prepay for your setup it will arrive at Proletariat within 5 days at no additional shipping costs to you. We are actually offering complete longboards at less than internet pricing AND we are paying the shipping. But this deal won’t last long so if you plan on boarding this year, come pre-order quick!

This first setup is from Dregs. It is the perfect length for city commuting and also catching some downhills. This board has semi-cutouts, so you can carve but it won’t ride too loose.

39.5” Teardrop Complete
7 Ply Maple Construction
Length: 39.5″
Width: 9.5″
WheelBase: 26″

Dregs Online Price: $154 + $23.29 shipping = $177.29
Proletariat Pre-order Price with FREE in-store pickup = $145 You save: $32!!!

This next setup from Sector9 is also great for beginners or advanced riders, but it is definitely on the longer end of longboards. Great for downhill carving or long-distance flatground. This one wouldn’t be as easy to get on the train or carry around campus though.

Sector9 Oracle Carving Complete
Deck: 7 Ply Maple
Specs: 46.0″ L x 10.0″ W x 32.75″ WB
Trucks: 9.0″ Gullwing Charger
Wheels: 70mm/78a Nineball Wheels
Bearings: Abec 5 Greaseball Bearings
Hardware: Full Grip Tape w/ Die Cut Logo, 1.5″ Bolt Pack, 5/16″ Mini Risers

Sector9 Online Price $159 + $17.55 Shipping = $176.55
Proletariat Pre-order Price + FREE in-store Pickup = $145 You Save: $31!!!

The Gravity Burning Spear 35 is a revolutionary new board construction. Using the strength of natural jute fibers, this board avoids using any fiber glass or epoxy in it’s construction. Truly a unique board, this is the perfect campus cruiser for the individual that thinks about the bigger picture. A first of it’s kind!!!

Trucks: Randal 150mm R-II
Bearings: Gravity ABEC5
Risers: Gravity Angled
Wheels: Gravity 66mm
Wood: 7 Ply Hardrock Maple, 1 Ply Jute Fiber


Gravity Online Price $160 + $13.49 Shipping = $173.49
Proletariat Pre-order Price $143 You save $30!!!

These are the 3 best deals you will find ANYWHERE online or instore. In order to secure this deal you must pre-pay by Feb. 28th and you can use cash or credit. Any more questions hit me up!

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  1. nah man, too much loot! gonna have to ride a different brand in this department 🙂 which one are you getting?

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